Hand Surgery in Northern VA

Cosmetic & Functional Hand Surgery

The best cosmetic hand surgery Northern VA can be found at Belmont Plastic Surgery.

This type of surgery is required when you suffer traumatic injuries, syndromes, or congenital defects. Part of the surgery can be cosmetic and part skin grafts and flap techniques.

Hand Surgery FAQS

1) Am I a good candidate for hand surgery?

Hand surgery can restore or repair the function and appearance of the hand. Reasons for hand surgery include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Syndactyly (webbing)
  • Dupuytren’s contracture (thickening of tissue)
  • Trauma to the hand
  • Desired cosmetic changes

If you suffer from limited hand function, look into undergoing a corrective procedure. Dr. Feledy is one of the best cosmetic hand surgeons Northern VA has available for you. At Belmont Plastic Surgery, we care about helping our patients live a normal life.

2) What happens during the hand surgery?

The hand is complex and the nature of the surgery depends on your particular problem. Sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome usually choose an open release surgery in which Dr. Feledy makes an incision in the wrist and cuts the carpal ligament.

This allows the carpal tunnel to expand and relieve pressure on the nerve. Reconstructive surgeries to correct trauma or birth defects may also involve skin flaps or tissue grafts. These are highly delicate and specialized procedures.

3) What are the risks of hand surgery?

All surgeries carry a measure of risk such as infection, poor healing, blood clots, tissue trauma, and nerve damage. Dr. Feledy always goes over these risks with his patients during a consultation.

4) What can I expect after hand surgery?

Recovery time and pain treatment varies significantly based on the surgical procedure. Pain medication and antibiotics can be used to ease post-surgical discomfort. Some patients receive dressings to reduce swelling and accelerate the recovery process. Rehabilitation programs and follow-ups are necessary during your recovery. If you’re in need of the best hand surgery in Northern VA, contact us at Belmont Plastic Surgery today.

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