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Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift surgery, also known as thighplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to slim you down and reshape your inner or outer thighs by treating fat and loose skin in those areas.

If you’re not satisfied by the appearance of your thighs, contact Belmont Plastic Surgery today and discover how you can get the best thigh lift Northern VA has to offer.

“I literally hid my thighs through my entire 20s and didn't wear a bathing suit in public for over a decade. I can't express how much Dr. Feledy and Belmont helped me with the the thigh lift I received. I finally wore a bathing suit again and feel like a new chapter of my life has arrived.” - D.C.*

Thigh Lift FAQS

1) How does thigh lift surgery work?

Thigh lift surgery takes two to three hour with general anesthetic typically required. Belmont’s renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Feledy will mark the areas of the thighs that are planned for reshaping. Discreet incision lines along the natural creases and contours of the lower body will be made. Sagging loose skin is removed from the thighs and fat is removed with liposuction.

2) Who's an ideal thigh lift candidate?

The best candidates for thigh lift surgery will possess excess soft tissue along the inner and/or outer thighs. Make sure you do not smoke, exercise regularly and maintain a stable weight. Get informed about the thigh lift procedure and its outcomes.

3) How long is recovery after a thigh lift?

Recovery time varies but plan for four to six weeks of limited activity. Tape and a compression garments will be worn for three weeks.

4) Are there alternatives to a thigh lift?

Liposuction surgery is performed on the inner and outer thighs for optimal results. Candidates are usually younger patients with good skin elasticity who struggle with persistent fat deposits.

5) Can thigh lift surgery be combined with other procedures?

Liposuction is frequently performed in conjunction with a thigh lift. If you’ve undergone significant weight loss, Dr. Feledy may recommend other body contouring procedures like a lower body lifttummy tuck or brazilian butt lift. The two of you can talk about your options during your consultation.

6) What are the risks of thigh lift surgery?

Like any surgical procedures, there are some degree of risk and uncertainty. Some complications from thigh lift surgery may include unfavorable scarring, bleeding (hematoma), infection, fluid accumulation, poor healing skin loss, blood clots, numbness or other changes in skin sensation, anesthesia risks and undesirable cosmetic outcome. However, Belmont Plastic Surgery prides itself on providing the safest thigh lift Northern VA available and works hard to minimize any risks.

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