Thread Lift in Northern VA

Thread Lift

The two proteins responsible for keeping the skin firm and looking youthful are elastin and collagen. As aging occurs, the production of these two vital proteins slows. This process causes laxity of the skin and facial retaining ligaments that hold the fat compartments in place and is what contributes to an older looking face.

The signs of aging that are addressed with a non-surgical facelift using the revolutionary MINT™ PDO sutures include deep smile lines, heavy nasolabial folds and jowling. These facial characteristics can make an individual appear worn out and add years to his or her face.

A Thread Lift is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the strategic placement of dissolvable sutures beneath the skin to provide the patient with a subtle, but visible, lift. During a non-surgical facelift with MINT™ PDO in Northern VA, a board certified plastic surgeon gently pulls back a patient’s deeper tissue in the face and facial skin to provide him or her with a more refreshed appearance. It is important to know that no skin is removed and patients with significant excess skin are not good candidates for this procedure.

The ideal candidate for this procedure is someone whose age ranges between late 30s to early 50s. In addition, for a patient to benefit the most from this procedure, his or her skin must have a layer that is not too thick or too thin. Furthermore, the patient’s skin should be relatively even and without significant excess.

Individuals who are in their later 50’s and up may still be candidates for a non-surgical thread lift and should be evaluated in-person to see if you’re a good candidate.

MINT™ PDO threads stay in place for approximately six months, and then they begin to dissolve slowly. Even after these threads dissolve completely, our Northern VA thread lift patients continue to enjoy the facial rejuvenation results from their MINT™ PDO thread lift for up to a year.

This revolutionary, non-surgical procedure takes from 45 to 90 minutes, with most procedures lasting about an hour. A MINT™ PDO thread lift has minimal downtime as there are no large skin flaps or incisions to heal so patients get to see their results directly following treatment. The results are visible directly following treatment and can last up to a year.

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