CO2 Lasers in Northern VA

CO2 Laser Treatments

There are many options for facial rejuvenation these days, but the gold standard for skin resurfacing remains the CO2 laser - specifically Fractional CO2 Erbium.

The early CO2 ablative lasers had prolonged downtime, potential risks of fully ablative resurfacing (burns with scarring), and required general anesthesia or nerve blocks so many patients opted for less invasive methods of skin renewal. The new fractional technology has changed the way energy-based systems are used in clinical practice today.

How does a CO2 laser work?

Your skin has two layers. The outer visible layer, called the epidermis, acts as a protective barrier. The inner layer, called the dermis, provides structural support to the outer layer, keeping your skin looking tight and firm. Cortex™ delivers energy to both the outer and inner layers of skin, stimulating the production of collagen and triggering skin cell turnover.

The epidermis peels away, similar to a sunburn, but instead of revealing sun-damaged skin, new, healthy, firm skin appears. Many patients describe the treatment as a warm sharp feeling and experience an immediate tightening of the skin. After treatment, most patients look and feel like they have a sunburn. Typical downtime could last from several days to a week, depending on the depth of treatment. Obviously, the more aggressive treatments will require more downtime, but then also require fewer touch-up treatments and produce more dramatic results.

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