Latisse Eyelash in Northern VA

Latisse Eyelash Treatments

Latisse® is a medication that can help you grow lashes that are longer, fuller and darker. The drug is designed for patients with inadequate eyelash, a condition known as hypotrichosis. Latisse eyelash treatments works by prolonging the growth phase of your eyelashes, making them grow longer and fuller than they would normally.

How is Latisse applied?

In addition to length and fullness, continual use of Latisse may also lead to darker lashes. A topical solution, Latisse is dripped on individual sterile applicators and then applied only to the top lashes. Contact lenses must be removed before the application of the product, and can be placed back in the eye after fifteen minutes.

A long-term use product, Latisse requires consistent application over many weeks. Keeping the medication in the bathroom next to your toothbrush may be a good way to remind yourself to use Latisse in a regular way. If a day is missed, simply continue applying the medication without altering the prescribed treatment plan. Doubling up on the medication the following day will not help the situation, and may cause over-medicating problems. Extra use of Latisse does not lead to extra full lashes.

How is Latisse used?

Latisse has a straightforward application. At night before you go to sleep, you cleanse your face and eyelids. Use the provided Latisse applicator, and brush a drop of the Latisse solution across the base of your upper lashes, being careful to avoid getting the medication on the lower lashes. To get results with Latisse, you must do this as directed. Latisse results become apparent after eight to 12 weeks. After 16 weeks of using Latisse as directed, you should see the full results.

Who is an ideal candidate for Latisse?

Anyone who feels that their eyelashes are not full, dark or long enough is experiencing a condition known as hypotrichosis, and may be an excellent candidate for Latisse. Patients who have a history of abnormal intraocular pressure should use Latisse only under the close supervision of a doctor who knows your complete eye history.

Are there side effects to using Latisse?

Latisse may cause a slight itching or redness in the eyes, which is experienced by about 4% of patients. Much less common is a slight skin darkening in the area around the eyelashes, dryness of the eyes and eyelid redness. Speak with your doctor if you have experienced an eye trauma, had eye surgery, have been diagnosed with conjunctivitis or have lost any portion of your vision.

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