Breast Implant Removal in Northern VA

Removing Breast Implants

Abreast implant removal takes out your implants and leaves you with a beautiful, natural looking alternative.

Depending on your own unique situation, you have several removal options available to you, including capsular contracture. You may need a capsulectomy along with removing the breast implants. A physical exam or radiological review will help Dr. Feledy determine how best to help you.

“I got breast implants in the early 90s. After many years I decided I wanted a change and have them removed. Dr. Feledy helped me get them removed. He is so understanding and I felt like he knew exactly what I needed. He made sure the results on my breast implant removal looked great.” —J.S.*

Breast Implant Removal FAQS

1) Why do some get a breast implant removal surgery?

Breast implants removal is a personal decision that you make based on:

  • Simply not wanting the breast implants anymore for whatever reason
  • Reaching an age where having breast implants no longer makes sense to you
  • A physical complication like capsular contracture has occurred

A major concern for women is having their natural breast appear deflated if they don’t replace the implants. Talk to Dr. Feledy and discuss what you can do if you decide to replace or remove your breast implants. Whatever the reason, Dr. Feledy can help you make the right choice. When you decide to have a breast implant removal, you want to get the best and most natural looking result following surgery. Dr. Feledy is here to make sure you move forward in your life in the most naturalistic way possible.

2) Are there any complications in a breast implant removal?

Dr. Feledy ensures any leaking or ruptured breast implant residue is removed when performing a breast implant removal surgery. He takes all necessary action to get rid of any leaked material.

3) Preparing for your breast implant removal surgery

Dr. Feledy will go into detail what the process of removing breast implants and what you should anticipate during your personal consultation and pre-surgery appointments. The goal is to access your specific needs and make recommendations based on your situation. You will know what to expect during and after the procedure and the result of the surgery.

4) What to expect after your implant removal surgery

Following your breast implant removal surgery, you will wear a surgery bra with adjustable straps for comfort while recovering at home for a couple of days. Dr. Feledy can prescribe pain medication to give you some comfort. After a few days, many women can walk without medication. But do not engage in strenuous activities or exercise. How long this will take depends on your recovery. No one is the same. But everyone needs at least three weeks to recover after surgery. When you return to work, expect to be tired more easily than you are sued to and feel sore by the end of the day. That is perfectly natural with this type of surgery.

During your healing period, your breasts may have lumpy areas where sutures are located. Do not be alarmed! This is common for up to two months after your surgery. The sutures are absorbed into the body and lumps will eventually disappear. It will take your breasts up to eight weeks to fully heal and to be in their final shape. Dr. Feledy and his team will provide you with further information about what you can and cannot do during this time.

No matter what your reason for having your breast implants removed, the caring staff at Belmont Plastic Surgery is here to help you get the best Breast Implant Removal Northern VA has available. Contact Belmont Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation today.

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